Sunday, April 10, 2011

OK- Back on Track with a new attitude

Hello World, I'm supposed to be working on my Teaching Certification sh-tuff right now, but I feel like I owe my followers an explanation from my hietus from blogging and weight loss. I lost 7 pounds before I started gaining it all right back. I couldn't even tell you how it started coming back, but all of a sudden the numbers on the scale just kept going up. I haven't gained all of it back, but I am back up to 149. I am about to start my period so I know some of the weight right now is water and normal weight gain. So, I am going to start back on the driven, focused diet and attitude NOW. For starters, I woke up early this morning and did the grocery shop. I like doing the shop in the mornings because my mindset is like, "OK it's a new day, new chances, and new opportunities to make better choices." I did make good choices. My newest love is Nutella. No bueno! At Publix, Nutella is buy 2 for $6. I also had a coupon for it, too. When I was down the aisle, I walked right by it without looking back. This decision led me to walk down the dairy aisle and not even glance at the cookie dough. I feel so much better knowing that even when I want the chocolate, I do have some sortof will power. I justneed to make a conscious effort to say NO! To tell you the truth, I don't know what happened to me the past month. I always felt stressed out, tired, and irritable. I was down on myself and just kept seeing the pounds go up and up. My attitude reflected how I felt emotionally and mentally and my choices reflected my attitude. I didn't care anymore. I just wanted the weight to come off and I was getting frustrated because it was doing the exact opposite. I decided I was done with dieting and I hated it. Fortunately, this is only how I felt, not what I wanted to do. I am starting now, and I am going to see how much weight I lose with my new attitude and rejuvinated sense of confidence. I'll keep you posted. I am going to do this countdown by days and weeks for one month at a time. Ok, so we have four weeks and today is day one. I weigh 149 and I have 30 days left. I don't know how much I lose, but hopefully I lose more than just a pound. Wish me luck!