Sunday, February 20, 2011

Every Action Has An Equal or Opposite Reaction...

Hello World,

First of all, a very special shout out to the Griffith family! I was suprised and flattered to be told that each of them follow my blog and support me in this journey. Thank you so much for being there to support me and more importantly, welcoming me into your family. Rachel- the shower was wonderful and so was the food. I definitely cheated when I got to your house. I had 4 meatballs, 2 spoonfuls of the queso chili dip and a handful of chips. I don't even want to know how many points that was.

On to reflecting...

The past week was my period week and I've accepted the fact that it is nearly impossible to lose weight while mother nature is visiting, not only from the extra water weight and stuff, but also because my eating habits change. Although I didn't eat terrible, I did not stick to logging in my points every day. I don't know if it was because I was afraid of going over and I wanted to live in ignorance or if it was because I didn't really care. This month was pretty bad. My cramps and mood, poor Josh! I stayed pretty consistant though with working out and I stayed the same weight as when I started my period weighing 147 and some odd ounces. Today I weighed myself and I weigh the same, even after eating pretty badly in Albany. We ate at a hibachi place last night so I'm also guessing tomorrow and the day after more weight will come off because Jap and Chinese food sit heavy in your stomach like pizza or hamburger.

So to tie in the title of today's post: I have come to realize that every action I take to lose weight (or simply maintain) will incure an equal reaction, in which I'll lose weight if I'm good, or an opposite reaction, in which I will gain weight if I am bad. I know this isn't rocket science, but seeing the proof in front of me helps me make sense of this balance.

I am going to seriously blog every day this week because I want to get down to 144 or even 143. Mine and Josh's anniversary is next weekend and we are going to Daytona Beach to relax and spend time together. It would be nice to also celebrate reaching another goal weight. If I hit 144 that would be a total of 8 pounds lost in 6 weeks. Not too shabby!

Ok, so I'm going to be honest with myself and calculate the weight I have left to lose with my current weight at 147....I have 20 pounds left to lose and I have 81 days left to do it!

Thank you for all of your support and I'll "see" you tomorrow!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mission Accomplished

Hello World,

So, last time I posted I expressed deep disappointment in myself that I didn't lose as much as I wanted because I was so stressed and eating foods that I shouldn't have. I worked really hard this week at monitoring what I was eating and starting on Wednesday I started feeling the PMS coming on.... I fought against all of the bad habits I used to do and feel entitled to and just stuck with it. I was extra irritated the latter half of the week, but when I weighed in yesterday I got to 145.8!

I was so excited and I felt good! I had a cheat day with Josh today and I feel a little guilty now. I had Special K original cereal for breakfast this morning with a cut up banana and a little bit of fat free milk. I'm not a plain milk person so I usually just pour enough to eat with cereal so none is left over in the bowl. For lunch, Josh and I went to sonic and I got a plain burger with no cheese or mayo, but I did eat the bun. I also got a small order of tots. It had been a while since I allowed myself a "cheat day" mostly because I hadn't been craving anything "bad" really. I feel guilty now because I gained a pound and some ounces after eating (yes, I know you shouldn't weigh yourself after you eat) and now I have indigestion! I always get burgers from restaurants, never fast food, but I wanted the meat! That's what happens to me when I go on my girly time. I crave iron-ous foods...spinach, broccoli, beef...anything!

I am going to work out tomorrow though as scheduled so I know that I will be able to work off what I ate. I'm not hungry for dinner at all, so I don't know what to eat. I know I need to so I don't slow down my metabolism or put my body into starvation mode. I am pretty happy with my success this week, but I am nervous about the week ahead. I usually gain weight during my period (and yes again I know that it's normal) so I don't know what my weight will reflect next Saturday, but we'll see. 7 pounds down in 4 weeks...not too shabby :)

Thanks for all of your support!!!!

87 days left to lose 18 pounds....I think I can!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Almost Doesn't Matter

Hello World,

I'm a bit disappointed with myself this week. I never realized how difficult it is to figure out new ways to deal with stress other than to eat and snack. I took on a lot more than I should have with all of the various activities I am participating in. I feel like by Tuesday I'm already running on empty. That's exactly what happened to me this week. I was so tired on my first work out day of the week, I went and had coffee with my mother in law instead of working out. I went to Publix and then went home. Wednesday I went to class and I started working out on Thursday. Yesterday I worked out, too. I weighed in this morning and I managed to take off the weight I had gained back which was almost two pounds. I weighed in this morning and I was 147.4. Almost at 146, but not quite. I am disappointed because had I not reverted back to old habits Sunday- Wednesday, I may be at 146. Who knows?

Any advice on natural foods or vitamins that boost energy or "feel good" emotions? Mom recommends camomile tea, but I'm not a tea person...maybe I should become one though. It seems that's what GNC recommends for stress and taking in nutrients. I try and take me time, but it's a lot harder to do than just saying it. I did take me time this morning because Josh is working overtime and I'm going to work out when he gets home so he can have his alone time as well.

Although I am disappointed that I started to fall back into old habits, I am pround that I didn't totally ruin the progress I made so far. In about four weeks, I have lost almost 6 pounds, but in my sports psyche, almost doesn't matter. The scale still says 147 no matter what the hundreths number is behind it. Tomorrow starts a new week and I promise to myself and to you that I will be 145, even if the scale says 145.9. I'm going to get there...I can't give up on myself.

94 days left!
19 point something pounds left!
(Sounds a whole lot better than 20) :>