Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mission Accomplished

Hello World,

So, last time I posted I expressed deep disappointment in myself that I didn't lose as much as I wanted because I was so stressed and eating foods that I shouldn't have. I worked really hard this week at monitoring what I was eating and starting on Wednesday I started feeling the PMS coming on.... I fought against all of the bad habits I used to do and feel entitled to and just stuck with it. I was extra irritated the latter half of the week, but when I weighed in yesterday I got to 145.8!

I was so excited and I felt good! I had a cheat day with Josh today and I feel a little guilty now. I had Special K original cereal for breakfast this morning with a cut up banana and a little bit of fat free milk. I'm not a plain milk person so I usually just pour enough to eat with cereal so none is left over in the bowl. For lunch, Josh and I went to sonic and I got a plain burger with no cheese or mayo, but I did eat the bun. I also got a small order of tots. It had been a while since I allowed myself a "cheat day" mostly because I hadn't been craving anything "bad" really. I feel guilty now because I gained a pound and some ounces after eating (yes, I know you shouldn't weigh yourself after you eat) and now I have indigestion! I always get burgers from restaurants, never fast food, but I wanted the meat! That's what happens to me when I go on my girly time. I crave iron-ous foods...spinach, broccoli, beef...anything!

I am going to work out tomorrow though as scheduled so I know that I will be able to work off what I ate. I'm not hungry for dinner at all, so I don't know what to eat. I know I need to so I don't slow down my metabolism or put my body into starvation mode. I am pretty happy with my success this week, but I am nervous about the week ahead. I usually gain weight during my period (and yes again I know that it's normal) so I don't know what my weight will reflect next Saturday, but we'll see. 7 pounds down in 4 weeks...not too shabby :)

Thanks for all of your support!!!!

87 days left to lose 18 pounds....I think I can!

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