Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Where's the finish line, man!?

Hello World,

As promised yesterday, I'm starting to blog every night again in hopes to help myself stop from making bad choices during the day and get back on track. Today, was a rough day, but not completely bad. I stayed within my points :)

For breakfast I had Special K cereal and 1/2 cup of fat free milk. This equaled 4 points. For lunch, I had a salad with half of a serving of Marie's Ranch so it ended up being 3 points instead of 5! I felt proud of that choice. I had some Girl Scout Cookies- Trefoils and those equaled 7 points. Not my best all. I just wanted sugar and instead of taking a couple out of the wrapper, I kept it on my desk and snacked...NO BUENO!!! I can't do that anymore. My will power sucks at this point. So in total my lunch equaled 10 points...pretty high...making my total for the day so far at 13. When I got home from class at UNF, I was starving and while I was cooking, again I was snacking! I ate my dessert first, a small piece of pie which equaled 5 points and then I had a small chicken quesadilla. The tortillas I used were Carb Balance so for 2 (to make the quesadilla in the maker) the total came to 4 points. I used 2% milk cheddar cheese and some chicken bits from Tyson. Both of those together equaled 2 points. So my whole dinner was 6 points bringing my total to 24. Oh, I also had a fat free light yogurt during break time for my class which was 3 points so my total points usage was 27 out of 29 daily.

I feel incredibly full right now, like I overate. I don't know why I am letting loose and not caring at the moment. I guess I'm just tired of watching every little bit I eat and working out 4or 5 days a week and hitting a plateau at 145 pounds. I am totally sucking at life right now and I am lucky I have my husband and my family standing behind me. I feel sorry for Josh. He has to listen to me complain and feel sorry and down on myself. He has to listen to me feel frustrated over and over and over! Thank you, love, for being there and continueing to be there. Thank you daddy for working out with me and making me feel obligated to work out because we are supposed to be doing this together. :)

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  1. You need a goal to work towards other than losing weight. For example, my goal is to play in tennis tournaments again after my shoulder surgery.

    So instead of thinking about the weight I need to lose to increase my running on the court, I focus on strengthening my shoulder, core, and legs during workouts, and increasing my "game" with the tennis lessons and practice.

    Behind the scenes, I am not only strengthening my shoulder, playing better tennis, but also trimming down the weight.

    "I want your pants, your boots and your Snicker's bar!!!