Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I was on a break and now I'm ready...again

Hello World,

For the past two weeks, I stopped calculating my points and really caring because I felt so tired and burnt out. Valentine's Day weekend I was in GA and ate, well to be honest, not so great. Valentine's Day, still didn't eat great and our anniversary weekend, ate even worse. I didn't exactly eat bad food, I just ate way too much. At the end of today, I weighed 149. Embarrassing, yes I know. I gained like 4 pounds back in 2 weeks. How does that happen?

I'm frustrated beyond belief because I sabotage everything! I don't even realize I'm doing it, but my mind just wants all of these different comfort foods! I am not very stressed, but of course, I do have stress. I'm reverting back to what I used to do and it does not feel good at all. I feel like a failure, like I'm just not this strong woman I wanted to be.

I am starting again tomorrow. I am going to throw out the stupid Girl Scout cookies in my classroom and I am going to stare at the apple pie on the counter, but stick to eating my Nutella (A spoonful is enough). I am going to start tracking my points, for real now, on my Weight Watchers account and my blog, to you guys. God help me, or something help me because I am losing steam right now and I'm two steps to throwing this whole thing to the wind...

Ok, so honestly now 22 pounds left to lose and 70 days left to do this!


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