Saturday, January 15, 2011

The First weigh- in...drum roll please!

I should say, "Good Morning, World",

In about an hour, Josh and I are going to be leaving to head down to Boca for the weekend. Last night was teacher appreciation night (a senior on the varsity basketball team chooses a teacher that has impacted his life while at Mandarin High) and I was chosen by a student I had last year as a junior, but now he is my aide as a senior. I felt so proud and overwhelmed with emotion because it is just affirmation that yes, my students do listen to what I tell them outside of academics. "You know, if your back is up against the ropes....just look behind you because I'll always be in your corner," or "I am so irritated with your nonchalant attitude. I come here to teach you not only about English, but about life so you don't have to make some of the terrible mistakes that I have made or that I've seen...and this is how you treat me?" <- that one usually gets the Jewish guilt rolling and they will write and apology on their assignment, without me asking. :) Anyway, it was also daddy's birthday last night so I made a banner and had the announcer, also my department head, make an announcement during one of the quarter changes. Yeah, daddy was happy. :) We went out to eat after the game, to of all place, Chili's.

I'll be honest, I was nervous. I always eat too many chips dipped in salsa and stuff my face with their fabulous food! I was very good last night. It was closer to 10:00 pm last night before we got seated and settled at our table. We ordered drinks. I got water with lemon, if I got something to drink, I'd probably fall asleep at the table, haha. Out came the chips and salsa and then we ordered. I ordered the margarita chicken which usually comes with black beans and rice. I substituted it for broccoli. I also got a salad instead of fries. As we were waiting for the food, I paced myself with the chips. I think in total I had about 15. They are so thin and light now it felt like I was eating air and it was hard to keep the pace slow because I was STARVING! I only ate about 3/4 of my chicken breast because I was pretty full from the salad and broccoli (I chose to eat the veggies first) so I brought my leftovers for Josh to eat. :) Our server brought a brownie sundae looking thing for dessert and I only had 3 spoonfuls spaced out by a few minutes. I was so proud of myself because there it sat, melting and looking so yummy, while we were waiting for the checks. Once I reached the magic number 3, I stopped. It was so hard and I wanted to explode, but I did it!

I weighed in this morning. I plan to weigh in every Saturday and track my weight loss. Although I promised myself I wouldn't step on the scale until Saturday, I did cheat at that. It's really difficult to not weigh yourself every other day because watching the numbers go down is so exciting, but I know my weight will fluctuate. I started this journey last Saturday, January 8th and weighed 152 .2 pounds. I weigh now, a week later, 149.8 pounds. I'm very happy about that....technically it's closer to 150, but hey, it's still a 149. :) I mean almost 3 pounds in one week, that's awesome! Next week is when my "girly time" comes, so I'm not sure how much I'll lose then, I'm just hoping to maintain or maybe get lucky and lose at least 1 pound.

Thank you so much for your support. Your messages and posts are wonderful encouragement and I know "there's someone in my corner" :)

143 days left!

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