Monday, January 10, 2011

Mondays should not exist!

Hello World,

Today marks day 3 of my weight loss journey and something pretty amazing happened today. I puton a pair of Editor's I got from Express and I didn't FEEL fat in them. These pants fit very nicely, but it was just an added plus that I put them on today. I wore a flattering button also from Express. I got a lot of compliments today. :) As you can remember, teens are the most critical...they will point out that my nails need to be done!

I feel very tired today also. I don't know if this is because I am trying to cut down on unnecessary sugars and carbs or because the weather; maybe both things.

I did very well today as far as eating. For breakfast I had a Special K protein shake (chocolate of course)= 5 points and for lunch I had a nice sized salad with 1/4 a cup of croutons with this fabulous dressing. My lunch= 4 points! The dressing is something my dad introduced to me to broaden my tastes outside of anything ending in vinagrette or ranch. If you go to Publix it is sold where you by the lettuce and refigerated dressings. It's called Cafe Geneva Sauce of Salade and they make one that's also a feta cheese dressing. Soooo good! There are no carbs and only 60 calories! For dinner I had a left over tilapia fillet lightly breaded in flour and kind of fried I guess. The fillet was about 4 points including the breading and sunflower oil and I had the left over asparagus from last night's dinner which equals no points. Go Veggies! As a snack during the day I had 15 reduced fat Wheat Thins with 1 tbsp of reduced fat Alouette cheese and herb spread. This equaled another 4 points. En total today I had about 17 points. I did not work out today because I had class, but I am going to tomorrow before the Mustang basketball game!

147 days left!


  1. Hey Rachel, congrats on starting this journey! I've lost a total of 34 pounds since I started and I blog about weight loss and running. I'm trying to lose my last 13-15 lbs and I know the daily struggle! Just wanted to offer support and tell you to keep up the good work!

  2. Aw Rachel, I'm so glad you are feeling better about yourself. That was something I had to learn too. I wasn't happy about the way I looked, so after months of watching my weight go up on the scales I made the decision to do something. It's only been 2 weeks, but every time I work out or turn down my faaavorite macaroni and cheese, I feel so amazing.